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Dagestani students to go on hajj for free

Source : Jamal Fulani | Assalam | 28 Jun 2012

This year for the first time in history Dagestani students received unique opportunity to go on hajj free of charge. Hundreds of students of Dagestani universities will perform hajj thanks to the sponsorship provided by well-known businessman, member of The Russian Federation Council - Suleiman Kerimov.

Annually according to his charitable program, thousands of under privileged Muslims make it to the sacred lands. This year, in addition to the annually sponsored pilgrims were added another 100 places especially allocated for students; 50 students from secular institutions and another 50 students from Islamic institutions. For every thousandth student was allocated one place. Among the selection criteria set by the organizing committee were: good marks, family background, financial affordability, and most importantly that they never performed the hajj.

Lottery was drawn among all eligible students of participating Universities. At present the seats have been distributed among students of DSPU, DSMA, University of the Russian Academy of Education, the Russian State Pedagogical University and others.

Last week management of the Dagestan State University announced names of 10 students to go on hajj. Today, representatives of Charitable hajj organizing committee met with the students of DSU and in a festive atmosphere handed over them their hajj vouchers.

5th year student Muhammad Dibirov – is one of those lucky students who were selected for free hajj.

He and his friends are immensely happy and express gratitude to Suleiman Kerimov, the university management and the Charitable hajj organizing committee.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very glad that I can execute an obligatory pillar of Islam – the hajj,” – Dibirov said. “It is a huge gift for students and stimulates for a good study. All of us are very grateful to Suleiman Kerimov for this life-time opportunity and we will surely make dua for him, while on sacred lands,” – he added.

Ahmad Buganov, representative of the Charitable hajj organizing committee congratulated students of DSU and wished them blessed commission of hajj.

"Young generation, students are our future. I hope that you will justify this high trust rendered to you by the management of your university and perform hajj with all the rules", – he said.

The deputy director general of JSC Marva-Tour Murtazali Murtazaliev addressing the students said: Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam) said that the one who doesn't thank people, doesn't thank Allah also.

“We should understand importance and significance of this charitable action. Many years ago our ancestors dreamed to make a hajj and were ready to give everything for the sake of this business, but the border was locked, and they died, without having performed the hajj. And today, God Almighty gives us the possibility to make it,” he said.

“There is many rich people on earth, but businessmen who organize charity trips in such scales and send thousands people every year to hajj, like Suleiman Kerimov aren’t at present,” – he added.

Murtazali Murtazaliev congratulated the future pilgrims and advised them to read special literature and prepare documents necessary for the hajj travel.